Why pay for expensive SEO for uncertain results? Why pay for a website that doesn’t deliver or advertising that does not work?
Imagine o
nly paying for each warm lead delivered!

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David, I must say how pleased I am with the results over the past month or so. Our quietest month usually but we are getting at multiple new clients per week.

Not winning all the quotes but some nice ongoing clients. Really well done.

Mobile Locksmith Melbourne

Frank Volonino

Direct Locksmiths

“We only supply each lead to 1 nominated company & we only take on 1 company per capital city”

Steve Hand CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a warm sales lead?

Great question. Our leads are from potential customers that are already searching the internet for YOUR product or service.

Our experts have years of experience in finding those leads.

The warm lead we will deliver you will be in x2 formats

  1. A prospective client has actively filled out a form to have you contact them to organise a quote (onsite or over the phone)
  2. A prospective client will call you directly. When you receive these calls we will have a ‘whisper’ that precedes the call which only you will hear – not the customer. The whisper will indicate that the call is from our lead generation process.

These are the x2 types leads that we deliver to you.

You do not have to change any of your existing systems / phone numbers etc etc as we will be ‘forwarding’ the calls to the phone number you nominate.

NOTE: We never try to find customers for you by cold calling etc. We only use the internet to find leads that are actively looking for a business like you already.

How are you different than Google advertising?

Google advertising can be an effective tool at increasing traffic to a website.

The problem is there is a huge difference between traffic and actual sales leads.

Companies can spend hundreds of dollars on these campaigns and see little if any increase in sales.

The team at PayPerLead.marketing are specialists in finding genuine warm leads.

Surely I have to pay some set up cost?


Once you agree to work with us, we pay all the costs involved in finding you those customers.

You only pay for the qualified leads we deliver.


Can we test the quality of your leads before signing up?

In some cases we may be able to give you a small number of leads to demonstrate just how good they are before you agree to work with us.

If we don’t have any free ones to give away, don’t worry because you don’t pay a penny until after we are already supplying you with the leads

Do you give a money back guarantee?

We don’t need to. Why not you ask?

Well the amazing thing about PayPerLead.marketing’s service is this – We give you the leads, and then invoice you at the end of the month….

You will already be 100% assured of the quality of the leads we have provided before we send you a single invoice.

I only have a limited budget for advertising. Can I put a limit on the number of leads I receive?

We understand that every aspect of a company has a set budget.

First we agree the Price Per Lead with you.

Should you wish to, we can then set a limit on the number of leads you receive per month.

We can review these arrangements at any time to suit you.

Once you can see the sales that our leads generate your only question will be how many can you provide?

How many leads can you provide?

That is a difficult question to answer.

The number we can provide is governed by the size of the market in the area you service.

As we have stated we don’t chase customers cold calling etc. We find those who are actively looking for you, so this is the limiting factor.

This ensures the highest quality of warm lead.

At the end of the first month we will be in a better position to advise you on the size of your market. We can then increase the number of leads we provide if the market exists.

What if I only service 3 or 4 counties/suburbs and not an entire region?

No problem.

You tell us which counties/suburbs you service and we only supply leads from those areas.

What if I want to stop receiving leads? Am I tied to a contract?

We are so confident in the quality of our warm leads that we don’t ask you to sign any contracts.

In the highly unlikely event you wish to stop receiving our leads, just tell us and we stop marketing for you.

It’s that simple.

Can you add my branding to your mini site?

Yes. We actually recommend it.

This will give your company greater online presence and can increase the quantity of leads.

Please note that the mini site we build will remain the property of PayPerLead.Marketing.

In the unlikely event you wish to stop receiving out leads we retain ownership of that mini site.

We would of course remove any of your branding from the site.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

Think of it this way – As we don’t lock you into a 12 month or 24 month contract for our services, the only way for us to keep you as a customer if to consistently deliver quality warm leads that you convert to sales!

What am I waiting for?

We don’t know.

Click on the button above to get started and secure financial freedom for you and your family.

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This has been a real game changer for our business.

For years we have been struggling to get real results from our marketing.

Now we just pay for the qualified warm leads that David and his team deliver.

Peter Walker


Steve has taken the headaches away when it comes to our marketing.

…we run their service in conjunction with our existing advertising.

It continually astounds us at the number of qualified leads they can generate and how they can turn it on and off just like a tap!

Kerryn House

Managing Director, Aulstar.com

David and his team has allowed us to effectively manage and control our advertising costs.

Our ROI on our marketing has never been better.

Vince Maceri

Cash Away