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Steve has taken the headaches away when it comes to our marketing.

…we run their service in conjunction with our existing advertising. It continually astounds us at the number of qualified leads they can generate and how they can turn it on and off just like a tap!

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Please watch the short video above – and if you feel that you meet the criteria that David briefly outlines, click the “Contact David Personally” button under the playing video to start the discussion about the service we provide.


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Thrive Leads: Build Your Mailing List
Hello and thank you for enquiring about our Pay Per Lead marketing services

My name is David Caruso and I am one of the co-founders of Pay Per Lead Marketing where we help business owners just like you, build successful and thriving businesses

In this short video I just want to quickly touch on the definition of a lead and what constitutes a lead in the service we offer.

I want to do this primarily so I don’t waste your time – as this might not be the right service for you and your business

Let me start from the outset that the minimum cost per lead we deliver is $50.00 and rises up to a couple of hundred dollars for certain clients in specific industries that we are currently dealing with.

So what constitutes a lead – and why are people paying up to a couple of hundred dollars per lead you might be asking?

We deliver leads primarily in x2 formats

Number 1. A direct phone call to your business that counts as a lead

The second type of lead is a filled web form emailed to you from a prospective customer requesting you quote – either by return email , phone or onsite quotation basis.

It is important to understand from the outset that each of these leads are only sent to x1 company and are not “farmed” out to your competitors.

It is also important to note that the lead is a qualified warm lead that is at the stage of wanting a quote for the service or products you offer.

We have put each lead through a number of steps before they even reach you………

So lets have a look at the 1st type of lead – a phone call:-

– each call is automatically directed to a telephone number of your choice – that could be a mobile / landline – it doesn’t matter.

For every call received – you will hear a ‘call whisper” before the call starts letting you know that the call has been generated by us. Only you hear the whisper – not the customer enquiring about your service.

One of the questions I’m often asked is David – if I’m paying $50 per lead and your counting calls – how do you know if the call is from a real prospect and not say a wrong number or telemarketer for instance.

Great Question: – every call is recorded.

After each call you will also be emailed asking you to nominate if the call was a quotable lead. If the answer was no – obviously you won’t be charged.

Lets have a look at the second type of lead – a filled out web form that gets emailed to you

– a prospective customer will give you their full details which usually includes Name, Suburb, Phone & email address for you to contact them and convert them to customer.

Now I want to be very open and transparent about our service. We will deliver you credible bona fide leads for your business.

Now if you suck at converting customer leads – then this is probably not the service for you.

If you dont have systems / sales structures in place to convert those leads – this is probably not the service for you.

If you dont track sales conversions / know your business numbers & KPIS – then this is not the right service for you…..

Lets do the numbers:-

As I have already suggested you need to know your numbers.

Now I am going to run some numbers past you as an example – using one of our current customers – a plumber in the Sydney marketplace selling & installing hot water systems

This plumber who will remain anonymous is currently paying $65 per phone call and $85 per web form enquiry.

This Sydney plumbing company has a great sales team who diligently and thoroughly follows up every enquiry and does well converting prospects to customers.

The average customer sale for this plumber is between $1200 to $2000+ in the particular niche that he wants us to drive leads for – and that price is dependant on a number of factors that we dont need to go into in this case scenario example

Due to the expertise of his team – this plumber is converting 2 out every 3 leads – thus costing him in the worse case scenario $255 expenditure for $2400 work of work – or 10.6% customer acquisition cost

At the best case scenario – this is as low as 4.8% – with $195 costs to generate $4000 + worth of work.

Now in the past this plumber use to pay for SEO services, spend lots of money in the old Yellow Pages and do all types of marketing campaigns which were usually hit and miss.

Now I have been in business for a long time (close to 30 years now) – and business for me has always been a numbers game.

I don’t know what industry you are in – but I am going to suggest to you that you should be spending between 6-10% on marketing activities against revenue as general KPI.

Now here is the thing………..

Your yearly revenue generally would include existing and repeat customers.

If you have – lets say a 8% marketing spend against revenue as a KPI for your business – you need to take out your existing and repeat customers yearly revenue to really get the right metric of what it is costing you to acquire new customers.

In reality you will probably find that you are spending closer to a 20% marketing spend against revenue KPI to acquire each new customer.

Now I am not saying that is a bad thing especially if that customer becomes a repeat customer – and you understand the lifetime value of that customer – you could potentially spend more – but that is a whole new topic.

Keep in mind – the sydney plumber that we have used in todays example – has a number of niches within his business.

We are not the right solution for each and every part of his business – and have chosen to concentrate very successfully on one element f his business

Lastly we are not looking to work with anyone and everyone – we have a very select client base that we work closely with – and you will have to meet a number of criteria before we begin working with you.

The services we offer does not require any money upfront from you – as suggested in our marketing spiel – you only pay for the leads delivered – no leads no money.

With that said – if you know your numbers / if you have systems in place where you can convert warm leads into customers – if you have a product / service in your business that is above $500 cost drop me a personal email – and we can start talking.