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00:00 – Start
00:39 – What is SEO?
02:32 – The Different Hats in SEO
03:57 – Right Now: SEO is EASY
06:02 – Let’s Focus On NOW
07:26 – Anchor Text Is Easing Up
09:42 – Good Links Are Available
11:02 – Rank With Just Content
13:21 – Talking About Black Hat SEO
16:21 – (And) White Hat SEO Is Easier Than Ever
18:11 – What about the Rest of 2016?
18:30 – Rolling Penguin
20:29 – The Domain Industry
22:09 – Natural Progression with A.I.
23:51 – Content Size
25:04 – Conclusion


SEO For Your Business – Everything You Need To Know About SEO

Hey guys Charles blow here and this is my presentation on SEO for twenty sixteen. This video is a very long video showing the description below I have put some time stamps so that you can skip forward in parts of video. You know if you or a more bunch usually the maybe the wisest you know part is probably not going to be for you because you already know that stuff. I’ve also included a glossary a huge glossary of a over five thousand word glossary. In all my blog which is the blog post that’s attached to this video. She can click that in the link below and I will see you in the first part of this video.

So SEO Is an abbreviation for search engine Optimization. It’s essentially the process of editing a website itself or building links to a website so if for example you were to submit an article to write it then that would be classed as a link for read it to be art back witness off page. Well editing your website. It’s on page. It’s actually the process of ranking a website in a search engine such as Google. So that’s where the search engine optimization comes from you optimizing your website and you optimizing other people’s websites to link to you to rank higher.

In Google and other search engines as well such as yahoo, Bing such are there most of them are going to be optimized to rank in Google this video specifically will be targeting the ranking process in Google. Now Google’s really several updates to that algorithm is which is what determines how we rank in Google. Its update such as Penguin which looks at your links. Panda which looks at your own page and several of the updates as well.

The entire algorithm rigidly was just based on links. So that’s where it came from. That’s how it was developed and that’s how Google gained such big powerhouses because no other search engine used links as a significant way to rank at the time when it was first released. Back in the ninety’s.

Now SEO as a as a whole. It’s a very complicated and technical process but it coming very easily broken down into stages .People have become experts in those specific stages some people already good on page . Some people are really good off page. Some people are really good at specific parts of off the page some people are really good at specific parts of on page. And all helps overall. And it’s a very good idea to get a broad knowledge of every part of that Seo so in seo you have two different kinds of hats you have a white top which is someone who follows.

The Google guidelines that they release quite strictly. And you also have someone who is a black cat. Who does the complete opposite and doesn’t care what Google says . They should do and manipulates Google to rank I am kind on of in the middle of this so I am great on SEO. I am Someone who does a bit both the white house Content marketing style of Seo which is why you build large amounts of content and do on page optimization .

So that your piece of content would attract links and then help you rank on Google as well as you know on page doing all kinds of sorts of work with Google you also have black hat which i frequently do as well which is why you build link networks you build links from all sorts of places and often you sometimes spam as well as spam links from all over the places. Both techniques work. And both techniques have always worked. It just that black SEO is starting to get harder and future and updates such as penguin panda etc. It’s becoming a lot harder for a lot of people.

And you will have recently seen a lot of people who used to be six figure that would be millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollar SEO have fallen off and probably living off their savings due to these kind of updates because they can no longer work with normal spam. So now that we’ve covered all the basics. We’ll go into right now SEO is easy and this is where is why that glossary terms I recommended for some of the new readers will come in real handy. If you don’t understand what I say I simply pose a video head of the glossary a you will be out simply going through all of the different words.

I have put in the video Right now SEO is very easy. And the next few months however that’s not going to be the case. Whatsoever. We have got rolling penguin coming out. We we’ve got the domain industry shaking up with people scraping domains from all over the place. Which means that you can’t pick up domains that you used to previously be able to get because a lot of them already gone in a news or a lot of them have been currently being collected as soon as they drop.

So it’s very hard to even find a good domain for your websites that you want to actually rank nowadays with some natural progression which is well artificial intelligence comes into play. Things because of artificial intelligence are getting a lot better in a lot faster just because of how we have progressing with the internet and with technology in general which of contents size always being a big problem. Which is why the amount of content previously recommended on the internet is the amount content people would normally produce in five six or even ten years ago has massively increased in comparison with today. Everyone is not ever everyone is now creating pieces the same size that would p.d use to create and that’s exactly why pd works.

So well within Google to get and get so much traffic from Google every single day and even every single minute. Some point there’s also the pattern improvement which is again linked to that natural progression. Without for artificial intelligence getting get them with the algorithm changes in with mathematicians being even smarter and etc. Panda is going to get massively improved which means that your content again linked to the content size is gonna have to be bigger better and stronger than ever. So instead of me making predictions about what I feel is going to happen over the next few months. Let’s focus on the information that we have and not focus on marking web sites right this second. So there is little disclaimer few guys.

I mainly focus my attention to block out mocks things especially black you know that’s kind of my more specialty If you like and if you’re running small business or medium business or an affiliate business or something. Generally black I see it going to be better for you because purely because what you require is one of three things. All even all of the above it requires a hell of a lot of time if you don’t have the money. Which is part of it to show you because a lot of time to create content to get linked opportunities to work on the technical aspects of your page. etc It to either if you don’t have enough time then it will require a hell of a lot of money because you need to be able to pay really good stuff to write lots of content to create lots of content. You have to pay people to go out and build links for you etc one of the three it requires a team.

And most people who will be watching this video don’t have their own in-house seo team or don’t have their own SEO team in hand. So this was time we will be focusing mainly on black SEO. That we will get into SEO towards the end of this part of this video. So the first bit of information I thought I’d show you guys is that own text. Which is the critical text in a hyper link or a link that is on a website or is in up that essentially means that own text such as is the executive partial own text have become a lot more heavily focused when Google looks at ranking a website. If you look at this case study that i have here in the imp graphic on the left and this doing some absolutely fantastic date streaming case studies recently.

You’ll see that the exact partial own text the key words that I’ve profile of the back link have been slowly been increasing. So the more exact match the more partial key words that are found on within back link profile of the link means generally the higher the separation is gone in relation to this percentage here. So I’m saying or hate to say is this is basically the best is own text ratio right now for twenty sixteen of 30 percent exact Twenty four percent partial.

Now that’s was kind on path I was going with that was kind on down the road I was heading down anyway I and I thought that it was really quite interesting to say I hate to actually looked at the top positions to twenty keywords for top the top twenty substations for over fourteen thousand keywords and found that this kind of the percent Have been rising across the board for quite a long time You remember that one penguin came out. If you were around in s.f. when penguin came out the penguin was extremely heavily going after this kind of high levels of I anchor text usage and slowly over the last few months or last year or even year I and various of the people the community I’ve seen actually it’s going the other way so anchor text has been becoming a lot more influential when it comes to ranking a website.

It’s actually getting easier first guys to build those exact matches in those partial match links to rank specific pages or specific websites that we want to go rank all there so that’s what one thing that has been really good for us guys is that anchor text are easing up a lot easier than a lot easier to use in twenty six states.

So another very good bonus for people wanting to do s.t.r. twenty sixteen website is that good links are available and this is something that I think is going to become more and more relevant and more difficult to acquire of that coming years is actually getting good quality links that you can either buy purchase or actually build right now because a lot of web sites are the not following links or a lot of websites are going off the paid links scheme it’s kind of against it because of Google’s propaganda about how. Buying links can actually hurt your website.

And that’s really good right now is that there are so many vendors out there. Such is people like top dot foster or Dixie Marty is that offer really high quality links for a rather cheap price in comparison to what I think the price should be out or will be out in a few months or any years’ time. Just purely because I found valuable those links are going to become links are always kind of being the back bone of websites and ranking in Google and that’s something that I think is going to continue top of that she is into artificial intelligence really unlock which will discover will be Discussed later on in this video. But right now good links are available and they are out there and there are various SEO vendors and I actually have a list inside my fully SEO course.

That tells you all about the best vendors for each specifically links. So I recently in the last few months and in the last year or so content has been really really really getting even bigger and even more of an effects on people with websites I’ve seen people with posts in people’s talking about all sorts of content being the key to ranking. And if you look at people like brunch to it he’s been using quantum purely to write sites like he’s like example that kind of thing is a prime example of how you can use high levels of content and unique content. I’m very small numbers of pages in comparison to the amount of content that you have to be able to write website. very quickly or for example if you had ten sites with two thousand words on it that’s all it’s going to be seen as more than a say that if you have a hundred pages with five hundred words on them.

But if those five hundred words few you know the not unique if it’s all interlinked to such a it’s not going to be nearly valuable as the first example I gave and that’s it no I think it’s very important the moment. On this question that I’ve been seeing a lot more of in this way that I build out websites is that I start off my websites with a content foundation. So I don’t even look at links I don’t do you know research into anything. I’ll just literally start off by building tons of content for that website. I don’t already say.

A very large amount of rankings coming back from that because of the way that kind of how Google looks at content and especially the moment how panda really isn’t that powerful. I think panda eventually is going to be the buy in of all SEO as compared to penguin is now shifting purely only because panda is going to be able to see how good a piece of content is but currently panda it does not have that level of artificial intelligence that will ask out be able to read it if a piece of content is good or not it just kind of looks at the usage key word usage the overall size of the document image usage .It doesn’t actually know if that document is a really solid piece of content and I know that because I put out really crappy pieces of blog posts that ten thousand words on website and they rank for very large key words so right now if you can rank. So if you can build large amounts of content very quickly. You’ll be able to write purely off the back of that. The medium competition key words anyway.

So Google did a very good job of building a complete and utter propaganda machine to completely discredit black Seo what if you actually look in the most affiliate key words there even a lot of the bigger brands key words and things. You’ll actually see a lot of black SEO and play and any big key words generally don’t have someone or some organization out that doing some kind of black seo and to rank a page for and to be out sent traffic to make money from it. Google I said blocks that do a very good job approach under against the purely because Google do not want people knowing the black seo works was because it would hurt their appetizing revenues especially when it comes to adverts.

However as someone who used a black SEO on an almost daily basis and I actually use it to make a lot of money I know that it does work well and it will continue to work for an external a long amount of time. However previous tactics that we used to use maybe five or six years ago do not work anymore you have to change your mindset and change the topic that you are using to be a successful block out in twenty sixteen. It’s no longer about spamming a ton of links or anything on the hop maybe is about where it is when it comes part of SEO but not so much when your ranking in your own domain a new domain or an age domain regardless it’s more about fooling to Google into thinking your site has natural links.

So rather than spamming to a ton of links like we did before we have to actually force go into making them believe that our website is a trusted authority source of information and not isn’t as easy as it is said and that’s something that I have become. I think at least a very good up of looked at and how to make trust signals and I will put a link in the description blog. So you can look at trust signals of look out buildings that look very natural I’ve looked at large amounts of content I looked at making the home page look natural but at the same time still using home page trickery to be able to actually get the rankings that you want to get in the first place. It’s all becoming very very different from how the industry was a number of years ago and that’s why a lot of people who used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year or even per month have completely full of the place of the completely fallen off the face upon it now because not no longer works as well as it used to does work sometimes it comes to work in scenarios but it does not work as nearly as effectively used to for very large keywords or you won’t get penalized in a number of weeks rather than the previous ranking for a number of months. So I think if you are wanting to do black SEO then look up modern information.

Do not look information from a year plus a couple even. Because it’s going to be out of date. You are going to want to look at information that is recent as possible when it comes to black seo because what I see can essentially say the same for a number of years. Whereas black seo does rapidly change with every Google update and every new kind of tactic being penalized by Google and those are sent before what happened really doesn’t change all that much but right now its easier than ever it’s so easy to do purely because all you have to do is a large amount of content and large amount of pages. Essentially you just need to invest a lot time rather than money into why I see all investing a lot of time in content in imagery social data. Even doing things like free back links and link trading. Even though people selling link trading is black SEO you can do link trading in way where it is seen as a white hat for example if you are doing a competition for someone you sponsor a price. That will give you a link in return of that price.

I don’t know actually doing that to get that link you’re doing that more so to get the audience behind that link to go through to your website. But the same time you do get very powerful link from bloggers and such around the world and that’s what I’ll be using a lot recently. I well as shift on page structure being very good using things like solid structure using good metadata using a good solid map structure such are all those kind of things might seem white SEO is really really easy right now to pull off.

All it takes is a large amount of content lot of unique pages and a lot of good structure. And you pretty much rank them if he were to go after and in the show obviously if you’re going to begin a she’s like quite often things they believe are competitive it can be very hard for a if you go enough to meet in competition natural is right and as I said earlier our brunch Tara is a great example of his license out so I thought he went from ferryman zero to six and half thousand a monthly they were going to visit his purely from building very large amounts of pages and get then indexed quickly and then again those pages have obviously with large amounts of the rich media on them large amount of major content on them rich in content etc all those kind of things make it a lot easier to do SEO right now when it comes to white SEO but what about when it comes to the rest of twenty sixteen what if twenty sixteen got install for us and what we’re going to have installed for twenty sixteen when it comes to us SEO,s actually fighting back against the raising machine that is Google was a few topics I want to cover so let’s just jump straight into the now.

The first one I wanted to cover was rolling Penguin which is something that Google have been absolutely not releasing any time soon I do not think so because they are just continually being delaying it over and over again I’m not even sure at this point if it’s going to come out in twenty sixteen and so we will have to see wait and see what’s in store for us when penguin does come out regardless though I’ve already voiced my thoughts are only penguin a voice again for this video specifically I do not think that rolling penguin is nearly as much as threat as rolling panda’s rolling penguin essentially just looks at your own text profile looks at the links you’re getting web websites are getting links from looks at trusted websites as a trusting to make sure you get links from them which can also which over three can be easily very easily manipulated when it comes to black hats and when it comes to white SEO doesn’t really matter all that much of the thing what about rolling panda is that I think rolling panda is going to affect a lot of SEO’s and a lot of affiliates and a lot of market is very badly purely because they don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on content but they want huge amounts of content.

So once rolling panda comes out and they can actually have some kind of i.o.i. that looks at piece of content and sees that piece of content is not a good piece of content. And then you have all these huge amounts of content of people invest a lot of money into your site’s going to get screwed that’s something that is very very scary in comparison to some that looks at essentially three factors when it comes to link building. and all of the factors it can be very easily manipulated where it’s content you need to invest.