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Internet Marketing Tips for Your Business


All right. So I’m gonna start off. Asking some questions so. How many people here have a website for their company? Ok. Tell me about this that’s good. How many of you are the web site really working for I mean you really get a steady stream of lease and phone call from the website. Ok. Not so many.

All right so you’re in the right place so today. We’re going to talk about how you can really make the web work for your business and cells. You see the screen here these three faces. These people are your customers. No matter what you do. You’re a doctor. You’re a lawyer your accountant.

These people are the lifeblood of your business and more and more people are going online to find you. Ok. So everything you do online. Has to be about your customers it has to be customer focus. And customer sister at the pole the men. So I’ll tell you a story about three years ago I met a lawyer and he came to me said. I pay somebody. A few hundred dollars to make a website for me. It had very crappy content.

It had very cheesy you know business depart. And he said it’s not working for me. You know I get no leads no phone calls. Can you help me? And I said yes. I can work of. Ok. So in the sense his website was anti-social. His website and web presence was antisocial. And what I mean by that is speak to people needs to their wants it wasn’t client focus. When somebody goes online or goes to your website. It should be like they’re looking at a mirror. They’re seeing their need. They’re seeing you offer a solution. And they do will you call for service. Who likes to be sold?

Nobody. Ok. Ever been through a car dealership like they have g.p.s. to suit your stuff online it’s how you ma’am how you doing my name is sterling today we’re offering cards ten percent of for the for our credit card and you say. Whoa whoa. You know it’s. Give me a minute let me look around let me rouse and you know I’m ready. You know I’ll make a purchase. And the same thing goes for online. In many regards the car salesman approaches dead. Ok in a few things that I really want to talk about this first don’t sell selling is dead. Nobody wants to be told what they want. Instead of selling inform your customer.

Through a blog post the videos your website. In the form prospect is going to turn into a paying customer. Ok. Next. You want to listen more and though are very hard to have a two way conversation. Find out what they want and offer a solution. Next is you want to be positive? So talk about the benefits of your service. I read an article a few months back for the business journal. And it was saying. Get a mobile website or die.

And I said it so my friend Toby here he said die it’s kind of a strong. Give give a positive spin on the so give the positive. Get the benefit of your service. Ok and last night least. Give it away free. Now that’s very hard for many business owners that I jest. But give it away for free. We live in the information age. Anything you can do you want to find out you can go online and find it. Ok. So what you want to do is give it away free. That can be an e-book. That can be a seminar consultations something that makes a connection. Something that’s going to pull somebody in.

Ok. So being subtle all-I making money online is all about building trust in relationships. These are some of the top companies that really have a strong bond in trust with a customer. Southwests. North key, star bucks is a part of those all these companies. Really great customer service they’re always talking. And they’re always communicating with their customers. So the thing that I love about online marketing is different from TV. radio and print. Now all those things still work. But they are becoming less and less the fact of. Wow. Me telling a reg no high price tag. So that air net is the most affordable. The most effective way to market your business. Ok. And one more thing too has anybody seen in those commercials now getting crazier and crazier. And watching the commercial about the order in there in space than I was going on here what’s going on here . Ok so. They’re doing that because advertising marketing is kind of not being effective anymore.

People want to be educated ok. And online does that people go online seeking you out. Running a product and service instead of running through them they meet you half way. . They you meet you halfway ok. And meeting you trashing and that’s when the sell takes place. Now I’m going to use you as my first. Ok. So in a sense. It all works together. So today I really want to challenge your perception of social media. You’ve been told that social media is face book is twitter and linked in and that’s natural. Really be entire web is social. So video your website. Social media email. Any interaction any conversation. You have with your customer online is social media. Going back to the definition of social communication talking. All right. And like I said before the companies that are social with companies that are interacting building trust with their clients. They do very well. Ok. So I really encourage you to really focus on my marketing. On building trust and build like the ships.

When you do that. The money comes then. I one plays the whole song but as I go along enter also. I just cut it down. All right so. The first thing we got to talk about today is your website. This is the website I was talking about earlier so we don’t have much time so this. Greene wow. What’s wrong with this website? Ok. A little more detail. Ok. You know buy off. All right. Two more action ok. And nobody else.

Ok. Yeah. So in a sense it’s not customer focus. It’s about the lawyer backlit part of bad picture. It’s all about him and this is the fastest way to turn a customer off. Now this may not be your website. Your site may look better than if. But it probably has some of the saying issues are more about you and not about your potential customers. This is a customer focused website. Ok so simple things a website they have one building trust. Online somebody doesn’t know who you are the more trust you can build up. The better chance of a call your service. So simple things like having your phone number on every page. I’ve seen websites that cost twenty thousand dollars and no website. No email. No phone number. So make it easy to find information. Quickly identify their top three or four needs offered bills. On the website right away don’t make them search. Next give something away for free. And I just said it. People love to get free day. So ok.

That can be e-book a seminar or a web hour consultation. And when you do it do it in exchange for something. All right. So if you go to my website. I just built e-book costs successful online marketing. You can download the e-book half of it. For free. And if you want to buy the rest or so on so you can you do is registrations .So you in the in the blue shirt can you come down. Ok. No hurry just takes your time ok.

Ok stop. So this is what happens on your website. You have a free. Piece of information you would give somebody. So it’s the miss attraction. I have a service that I’m trying to offer she has a problem so we come together ok. And I give you a book that’s yours for free. So how do you feel now? How do you feel now Ok? How do you feel now? Very cooperative why this happens that they give you a thing on internet for free like 2 paragraphs then they snatch it. Right well that’s your saying you can have it. So guess what that does now. I just see created an emotional connection not to go to movie but i gave her something you know it’s a transfer of injury and knowledge. She’s saying wow. That person took the time to make a document speaking directly to my needs. For free. Maybe I’m not ready to buy now but when I am ready. I’m going to remember that guy. I’m going to come back to him and if you give the e-book. Guess what you know what I you are in my email list and we will always be in constant communication. Next big one is search engine optimization also known as SEO.

You probably hear a ton about this. You get e-mails and all kind of people talking about it but this is very important. Ok. Chances are our Nike or underarmour or anybody in the room today. Ok. No. But if you are I would love to do business with you. But chances are you are like me you’re a small business of our. People don’t know your name. They don’t know the name of your company. So they’re going to go online. And they were tapping your category. Hairstyles in Baltimore Maryland. Business print services and taps and so on. So that’s where SEO really comes when we go online returning to spec to get it. We’re in research mode. Ok. We’re trying to find the company’s online that offer a solution to our needs one. Really really great example of this is local SEO so this is a snapshot of Google maps and local search. People really want things that are close of their job in their home. If you can fall in between that there’s a good chance to good use for service so.

Really beef up your local profile of they look like this they’re pretty similar. They have image they have your phone number or your website address and this is a link back to your website. So Google plus of the great want to be on yelp. And also being. Local is really the way to go for your business. This is my number one. People ask me all the time. How can I get more tracks to our website? And I say blog. And they usually walk away say. Blogging is a great way to add more content to your website. It’s a great way to have a conversation. So as anybody ever ran an ad in the phone book before. So if you have one. Added there you have one shot in twenty thousand. Of getting a phone call. Ok. But imagine you had ten twenty or thirty ads. The chances of getting a phone call from my senior are going up. So creating blog posts are a great way to get more pages to get more ads and Google to get business. So also Google loves fresh and original content as relevant. So if you can be talking to your customers on our own going basis that’s awful. So I write about SEO social media marketing.

Be the old those things. Run about things that interest consumer right about those topics and do own going set up a schedule that weekly. Which stuff or monthly sub or ongoing schedule where you’re constantly addressing the media. She’s an industry. They have to do with their clients or the social media. I tell you before that social media. Wasn’t about face book twitter and linked in. It’s so much more than that. I want to give you my social media story. Ok so this is me in sixth grade. Really thin. You know. But tiff. One hundred pounds. I’m still skinny but I gained a little more weight since then. Ok so. There was a new girl in middle school. Her name was rose.

And I will not go into detail but rose was the Jennifer Lopez a middle school. Ok. I’ll leave it that way and every you know guys try to talk to her you know get number. Date whatever and I said ok. On the skinny little funny looking kid how is she going to like me? So I said this tragedy. In took a while it wasn’t overnight it’s took few weeks. So I learned her birthdates. I gave her flowers on birthday. You laughing it worked though. I gave her flowers on her birthday. I found her schedule in gym class and I happen to be on the track. You know right next to her you know and over time what happened. Maybe by sheer just frustration I want to offer. Ok. And I got a kiss. Ok. I remember so well this is one of Friday.

Ok so forty eight hours. I was the king of sixth grade. Ok. Sadly on that Monday she dumped me but hey for that brief period of time I was I was the king ok. And I tell that story because that’s your customer. Ok. It’s not hey how you doing call me but Hey here’s my e-book. Hey here’s an article that used to be a certain hey. This is an event I’m speaking at it’s a constant gradual communication that eventually leads to a cell or a marquee to kiss. So if you want to kiss. From your customer it’s the eventually all right. Online video ok can anybody tell me what the most powerful image. In the world is. A picture. A picture of what. Ok close anybody else has it. That’s ok let’s stick with a human face.

Ok. I see men face a face tells so much anger sadness something in. Online there’s a lot of text. There are cheesy pictures so on live when you see a real face. It pulls you when it is human beings we see a face. We focus in that’s why online video is so important for your business ok. It’s that a ring pages and pages of text. I can watch a video in a minute. It’s going to tell me everything about your business. We’re going to make connection. I’m going to see you. I’m going to hear your passion. And your experience and guess what video works. People to watch video would be four hundred percent more likely to make a purchase. Four hundred percent so video really sells. Ok. So I have a video that I’m going to show you. It’s from one of my clients. Is a minute long? It covers this whole law practice. Watch it and when done. Tell me how it makes you feel. My name is attorney Raymond griffin. And I am an immigration lawyer. Baltimore Maryland. When you call my office and speak to me personally. Not personally my primary focus is permanent residency better known as a green card.

Citizenship. And I also handle complex deportation cases. The reason why I wanted to immigration law is that both my parents are from Small Island called Barbados and the Caribbean. They came to this country for a better life. When I became a lawyer I decided I’m going to get into an area of law to help people fulfill their dreams in the United States. There is no immigration case that is too big or too small for me to. So call me now to schedule a consultation. If you have an immigration question immigration problem. Or want to be a permanent resident of the United States citizen. My years of experience can help you realize your. Immigration goals call me now at four one zero three six six one zero nine six. Ok so how that video make you feel. Connected. Oh anybody else. Sincere. Ok. Ok. And I’m sure you’re all good being so. That’s the power of video. I guess that in a minute. It covered everything. Think about how you could use video in your business. Imagine.

Every time a client wills sort of a website go to YouTube they can see you talking about your private service talking about your passion. Ok. The chances of them calling you go boot to the roof. Next I want to talk about mobile marketing. Hunch everyone here have a cell phone have a Smartphone have an I pad. Ok. A lot of people going you know these things are awesome. I mean their pictures their video their g.p.s.These things can do everything. And guess what your customers. And bit her crazy about you things. Twenty four seven these things are on to him. Ok and guess what when they’re done tweeting texting and making stupid videos. They also pull up that phone for when they’re on the go and they’re looking for products and services looking for your business. Ok. So is the business you really have to be mobile friendly.

You have to have a mobile web site. That you people are on the go. I give you example. This is a desktop website. Now on a big screen it looks pretty well. Now you can see the pictures logo all pretty good but what happens when a same web site is view on the phone. This is what you get you can’t see anything. You have attention scroll in zoom try to find anything. And you know what happens when you see fat like this you probably leave. Your probably go to another website that looks better on your phone. So that’s why you got to have a mobile friendly website.

Ok. So the matter with somebody does they plug their phone a look for you they get a good experience a good they are gonna make them call you. So this is an example of a very very simple basic mobile website. And I like to say. You got to keep it friendly because of course on your phone you don’t have a mouth all you have your thumb so big and bold but you can click to make a call you can click you get directions. The video is in there and this is a scaled down version of your website it’s not a not a copy. So you’re not taking all of the pages the content and all images that going on there. This is kind of a quick access kind of thing. I’m going to tell you a quick story and this story is probably one that you’re familiar with are the story of Netflix and blockbuster. So let’s go back in time to the two ninety throw a few thousands.

Lot more through that they were taking you know on a block. They had dozens of stories and dozens of videos and I can with the kid get in the car on a Friday and look at many little futures. You know going to blockbuster and getting a video. But you know there were some downsides to it first you had to drive there and they didn’t have a video. You had to go search for one not great the next they charge five dollars per video which is a lot and if you return one late.

Man you’re paying twenty thirty dollars in back in the ninety’s that’s a ten year guess I mean that was that was a lot. Something happened in the late nineteenth early two thousand this thing called the internet. You know came along. Ok and Netflix took advantage of that.